All about the Brows!

In my opinion, well defined brows can completely change the look of your face!

Rules to the perfect brows

1. Define your arches!

I love eyebrows with an arch! I don’t naturally have them but they are easily achieved! Below I will post how I achieve mine and the product used!

2. Your eyebrows should end where your brow bone does!

3.  Shade them in!

– but be sure to find the right shade! A lot of times girls go wrong and shade with a color way too dark. Remember: Less is more.

4. For you OVER tweezers- STOP! If you must pluck, it is recommended that you only do so ONCE every three weeks! Let that natural shape come out! Well defined, thick brows are IN!

I always do the outlining of my eyebrows first and create my arch. Once I have done that I just shade them in !

The outcome:

browsThe best part about learning how to do this, is that I can achieve many different looks and play up any style I choose because every brow shape gives you a different look! So just have fun with it ladies! There are several tutorials online showing how to do this. If you would be interested in my sister and I making one, please leave comments below(:

Products used:

eyebrowsAmerican Beauty eye shadow palette : Light brown

Mac angle brush

Rimmel eyebrow pencil shade :CO2 Hazel

Any questions? Feel free to comment!:)




    1. Thank you so much! Yes I agree! I never use to realize, and unfortunately had brows like the post below on the no chart .. I kinda looked like a clown ): but with practice they can be perfected! (: Glad you enjoyed ! xoxo

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