Transformation Tuesday!

Check out these highlights and lowlights I did on my cousins wife, Morgan! She makes the perfect model! Her eye make up is also done by me. Just a simple cat eye to play up her birthday look! The curls were achieved by my hot tools wand! ( it is amazing)! Image



Any questions or comments, or maybe you’re interested in getting your hair done? Contact me ! (:

Would love some feedback! God Bless!<3

Erika T.



  1. Those curls are gorgeous! So I have a wand and I can get one side to look awesome and then the other side not so much haha tips on how to do this to yourself with a wand? 🙂

    1. It all depends on the direction that you want to curl it! I always hold the wand upside down and curl towards the front of my face because I think it gives a very forties/ish style! (: Wands are the best tools because for some reason the curl seems to hold wayyy longer than a regular curling iron! Hope this helps! if you have any other questions feel free to ask (: thanks so much for reading !! xoxox

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