How To: Pin Curls!

What you’ll need!


Step #1

Curl your hair, either with a regular curling iron or a wand. I prefer a wand, only because I believe that the curl holds a lot longer without product. OH and don’t forget heat protectant. My sister and I like-


Step #2


Take your hair and roll under towards your scalp. This is why curling first is super important ! When you have straight hair without any type of wave at the bottom it is almost impossible to be able to have control on rolling it and it staying in place!

Step #3


Pin the curl! These clips are the easiest way to hold it in place without leaving a crease!

Step #4

It is important to leave the clips in until the hair is completely cool all over. Generally a half an hour is the best amount of time to leave them in! Hairspray is optional depending on your hair type. I know some of you ladies have that poker straight hair and it’s impossible to hold curl!

Step #5


Take out the pins, and brush out! You want to be careful with this. If you have finer hair/straight hair , simply separate with your fingers and fluff or tease a bit . I know that sometimes brushing can take the curl right out, and when pin curling, it’s all about the volume! If your hair tends to hold well, the brushing effect is very beautiful, and gives a very beautiful,  Rita Hayworth look!





Thanks for reading! Let us see how it worked for you! Any questions? Feel free to email us! (: We would love to hear from you!


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