Erika’s Christmas Wish List!

My must have’s for this year!



Viva La Juicy perfume is my absolutely FAVORITE fragrance! The smell is heavenly and it never wears off!




Kat Von D tattoo concealer! It is the most amazing concealer, and hides absolutely ANY discoloration/imperfection.




Michael Khors watch! I think the rose gold is just stunning!




Michael Khors bag! Super gorgeous!




Oribe dry texturizing spray! It’s an incredible dry hairspray, almost like a dry shampoo! It doesn’t leave a gross film on your hair and leaves it smelling absolutely incredible! Almost like a dry shampoo!





These vintage cat eye glasses are just stunning to me! LOVE!





Oxford heels! My favorite style heel!




Last but not least, an espresso maker! It would be so nice to make a latte at home!






    1. It is WONDERFUL! I have super uneven skin tone and this works perfectly because not only does it completely cover my blemishes and such, but it LASTS all day! It is transfer and water resistant, highly pigmented, and obviously heavy duty! I highly recommend it. Just recently started with this product! (:

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