Christmas look!


On today’s blog I went for more of a Christmasy look for the upcoming holiday!

First I applied my roll on depuffing gel from sephora, added my mk moisturizer and then my foundation. I then filled in my brows a bit more , applied a light powder and just barely stroked my lashes with a tad of mascara . To complete this look I added some red revival lipstick by maybelline. To achieve my curls , just read last nights blog , where I explained the products I use to create the curls. My hair is naturally curly so it isn’t hard to achieve.

At the moment in really into the no eyeliner look. Granted, my mind and looks change constantly. I change my style all the time because I get bored to easily. The beauty of make up is being able to play it up and having the option to create any look you want ! This definitely fits my mood today! What suits you?

Questions and comments are welcomed 🙂 have a blessed day


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