Encouragement & thoughts of the night

Recently, I have been struggling with a lot of anxiety. Well, actually… I have been struggling with it since middle school, however, here lately it seems to be something that I cannot control anymore.. my thoughts and fears are becoming bigger and more irrational than ever before. I once read- ” Anxiety is the belief that God is not as good as He says, and has run out of Grace. Be anxious for nothing.” I am currently trying to separate myself from the negativity that has been placed in my mind and heart. Truly relying and depending on God is when I felt the healthiest and happiest. Trust me, I know sometimes that it is hard to constantly be on that spiritual high.When living in a world like we do today, it is hard to stay on the right track, but change starts with YOU. I sometimes find that categorizing things, and then writing the scripture that goes with each feeling that I have and face helps me tremendously. When you have that scripture on hand, you have NO idea how convenient and helpful it becomes. Not only is it on hand whenever you need it, BUT also, if someone else is struggling, guess what? YOU can help them and share Gods Words of encouragement and His promises. Isn’t that we are put on this earth to do anyways? Share His word and make disciples!

When in doubt, always refer back to scripture, because it is the only certainty, the only promises we truly can hold onto. Tonight I saw these and they really encouraged me, and I hope that they can do the same for you as well!




Sometimes, I think we have all felt like we couldn’t handle anymore, or that the thought of handling anymore was just entirely too overwhelming.. this very last picture has always helped me to turn my thinking around. I have been through a lot, but not only has it made me stronger on this earth, but it has been a growing experience and by that I mean growing in Christ, and allowing me to realize that all of these situations and circumstances are to teach me how to let go, and let Him, to fully depend on Him.

I am currently involved in a step study, because these things are always easier said than done, and don’t get me wrong, I still worry, but getting back to letting go, and letting Him, is the best release, and most rejuvenating feeling you could ever imagine.

Goodnight and God bless!

If you ever struggle, and want words of encouragement or would like to talk about scripture, remember you may always contact me through email , or facebook(: Comments are very much welcomed!!



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