How to: cateye!


Above is a simple step by step chart to help some of you out there that are struggling with achieving the perfect cateye! All eye shapes are different but I have found that by starting at the end of your eye at the crease , it ensures that the liner will be even on both sides and that is where people tend to struggle the most! Taylor and I will be posting a video on this in the future to give you a better idea and share more tips with you if you still have a hard time with achieving it! We definitely have lots of tips! Instead of spending 20 minutes perfecting it, with practice and knowing where to start, it now only takes us one swipe on both sides and then we are done! I also highly recommend liquid liner, with a precise point. It’s going to allow it to go on a lot easier and in the shape that you want without really having to create it! Everyone’s preference is different I just found it to be more effective for me !

Questions and comments are welcomed !:)


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