Our False Eyelashes!

I had a few questions from a girl this morning about the type of false eyelashes that Taylor and I use.


We just order them off ebay. They come in a pack of 10. I believe they are only $1.28. The link to get them is below:


We prefer these lashes because they are super thick. Sometimes if we put them close enough to our lash line, we don’t even have to apply eyeliner. I am telling you, since I’ve started wearing these, I don’t like my makeup without them! It just makes your makeup really pop, and i’I’ve noticed my eyes stand out in pictures a lot more with them!

As far as caring for your false lashes.. it is important to slowly and gently pull them off, it won’t be painful regardless because the glue doesn’t dry hard as a rock. Remember when applying that you want to get as close to your lash line as possible but without attaching to your lashes, you don’t want to lose any of your real ones!

When Taylor and I remove our false lashes we either do it with our fingers or Taylor has found tweezers to be effective. We normally peel the excess glue off that was applied that day, and then we take makeup remover and clean them that way. If you want to reuse them I highly recommend washing them and caring for them as soon as you take them off. If you don’t and the mascara hardens it will be a lot harder to clean later, and most likely will ruin the shape, and some of the fibers.

Application of lashes is tricky at first because it’s definitely awkward and you want to be as precise as possibly, but with some video tutorials and forums, you’ll get it in no time! I have been trying to reach Taylor for a how to eyelash vlog! So no worries! That will be up soon 🙂

I remember at first I was really bad at doing them, but don’t fret or get frustrated. Practice makes perfect! I also highly recommend using mascara to blend the false eyelashes with your real eyelashes.It makes it look  lot more natural!

Hope this helped ladies! 🙂



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