Skincare routine!

To begin!


I run steaming hot water, and lather up some soap and wash everything off. No, you don’t have to spend a fortune on expensive cleansers to keep your face from breaking out. I have very sensitive skin and just use dove soap, Taylor and I both have for years!


Step 2:

I will take a washcloth and apply an exfoliate for my face, normally I use Mary Kay time wise cleanser! The beads present in the formula help to exfoliate! This is an extremely important part that most people tend to skip over. It resolves certain skin problems and helps you to achieve healthy and glowing skin. It can help with : blemished skin, post breakout red/dark marks, clogged pores, hyper pigmentation, obviously dry skin, and those concerned about anti-aging. It actually tricks the skin into acting young again.


Step 3:

I will just normally take some baby oil and a cotton ball to remove excess eye makeup that the soap may not have removed.

Step 4:



and it’s an age fighter! You cannot go wrong with this anti-aging moisturizer! It has been the most effective for me! I don’t get too oily or too dry when I use this.. and also in times passed I have also resorted to coconut oil! It doesn’t clog your pores WHATSOEVER , and it hydrates your skin all day! What is better than that? I buy it at walmart and I believe it’s no more than $2 or 3 !


Lastly I normally tend to my brows. Which I will be posting a brow maintenance blog soon! 🙂

Questions or comments are welcomed!



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