Expressing Gods Love To Others


Something amazing happened at a Major League Baseball park not long ago. No, there weren’t any records broken. In fact, the extraordinary event didn’t even take place on the field. It happened in the stands.

The whole scene unfolded on camera. At the end of the third inning, a player from the Milwaukee Brewers threw a ball into the stands to a young fan wearing their jersey. Also standing at the railing hoping for a ball was twelve-year-old Arizona Diamondbacks fan, Ian McMillan. When the ball came down, Ian reached out and caught it in his hat. Excited, he headed back to his seat. But that’s when Ian looked back and noticed how sad the younger boy was about not getting the ball. Without prompting from adults, Ian immediately turned, walked back to the younger fan, and handed him the ball.

It was an unusual display of selflessness and maturity. In the days that followed, news stations illustrated that fact by contrasting Ian’s behavior with that of adults. One man literally wrestled a ball away from a woman a few seats away. And, in another video, two men nearly got into a fist fight.

Maybe it strikes you like it does me that selfish behavior is so common that a simple act of kindness by a youngster at a ball game is enough to capture our attention. That’s why we need more examples like Ian to remind us of what’s really important in life. May our love for Christ make an impression on everyone around us simply because we’re quick to do what’s right toward other people.

From my bible app. Youversion


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