Yoga is always a good idea outside



Here are just some simple inversions that I have recently started to get the hang of. With yoga, balance is SO important, and I can say that today i shocked myself at how much better i’ve gotten at holding these poses and transitioning into others. Keep in mind that it does take awhile sometimes to do these inversions. Don’t be discouraged if you cannot get there quite yet. It took me awhile and lots of practice. The reason being, is because in yoga, you don’t want to just throw yourself up into a headstand/ handstand, because it’s all about building strength and balance. This is why sometimes it takes others a little longer to get it. It definitely did for me. I have also found that when the sun is bright and shining, and I do yoga outside, I am a lot braver and confident in what I am doing/ capable of doing. The sunshine that God blesses us with just fills me with joy, and therefore when it is nice out, I always take my yoga mat outside. I strongly recommend it! So get outside and go play! 🙂


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