Harmful effects of toxins in our bodies


Today, I was reading over my Paige Hathaway fitness website and was really freaked out by this realization. Listed above is some of the things we use every single day and the harmful /longterm effects it has on our bodies. Not only does it have this effect but it also mentioned how overtime all of these built-up toxins can also restrain us from losing weight and achieving our “goal body”. Our body deposits toxins to our fat cells which have to expand to make room for toxins. This is why committing yourself to an entirely whole and organic lifestyle is extremely important. There are many alternatives that we can use that are more beneficial and extremely healthy for us if we just take the time to look into it! There are several organic ways to make shampoo and conditioner, even soaps. I believe that A holistic lifestyle is also extremely beneficial. I have been using doterra essential oils for the past few weeks and it has made a huge impact on my body and mood! It can also be used as a fragrance, opposed to the chemically enhanced fragrances that we’re buying from stores. This makes me very proud to say that I promote an organic skincare line and a mineral makeup line. Do yourself a favor and look into both. I know that I have mentioned many times before- both of what I sell, but for those of you who have not read before ..I promote eminence organic skincare and Jane Iredale mineral makeup! Both of these have amazing benefits in which I have actually witnessed in person! Do yourself a favor and look into both of the products because they are truly amazing! The secret to youthful skin is an organic lifestyle. The long-term benefits are well worth it! If you are interested in checking out the skincare and the products that we promote be sure to check out-


There, you will also find links to our main website. Enjoy!


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