Potato Soup Goodness

Today, i’m going to be sharing with you one of my favorite potato soup recipes! I’ve been sharing my photos of the soup here and there on Instagram and everybody has been asking what I use ! How I do like to usually make things from scratch, my dear mother-in-law  introduced me to Bear creek soup mix ! 

They also have broccoli and cheddar, tortilla soup, and chicken noodle! I haven’t tried any of the others, because I cannot get past how great this is! I can say, that I do you add my own potatoes . It does have potatoes in it already, but they are very tiny and I like to add Red skin potatoes. I chop them up into little squares and just toss them in the mix once I’ve let them boil for awhile . Other than that , I add some salt , pepper , and garlic powder (because garlic is the best ). Then wallah!! 


For more recipes : styles : devotionals check out my Instagram – @thefreckledfoxx 



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