Don’t Fear

This morning as I was reading my devotionals, I came across this one. This one really hits home with me because it’s something that I have struggled with since I was probably in middle school. I had noticed that my fear and panic had heightened when I found out that my husband got a job at peoples gas in Pittsburgh, which is about two hours from home. Although that might not seem like a huge transition, it terrified me. I thought that I always wanted to live in the city, but I realized wait- where will the comfortability be? Where will the familiarity be?

 I have to admit that my panic and anxiety have been through the roof the past three or four months. I thought that once I moved up here and got settled in that it would subside, and each day it is. It’s a very very hard thing to go through a transition such as moving. However, I would have it no other way than to be with my husband, it has been a huge adjustment. So reading this devotional this morning was a reminder to hold on and to savor the joyful moments. Not to fear the future, for I know the plans I have for you declares the Lord. These are things I have to constantly remind myself every day.

 Sometimes I wonder how I got here? How did the anxiety becomes so overwhelming? And why wasn’t I able to stop it before it got out of control, but I have to remember that this is a short season and that God did not promise a life without hardship but he does promise to glorify our situations and He promises never to leave us. I hope that this devotional can help you as it helped me.

Fear Of The Unknown
Fear of the unknown is common. What makes the unknown so scary is that, well, it’s unknown. We don’t know what’s going to happen.
But here’s the thing, you don’t have to know the unknown to be safe.
The unknown can actually be an awesome adventure, and trying something new can change your life for the better.
So what’s something you’re not sure about that worries you?
Remember the Scripture you just read, and don’t worry about tomorrow. Don’t worry about the future. Don’t worry about the unknown. God will take care if it. God will take care of you!
When we fear the unknown, it’s actually a lack of trust that God is in control.
So don’t worry about tomorrow. Trust God. He’s in control of the unknown.

To anybody that is struggling with, depression and fear or anxiety I highly recommend this app! It’s called Happify and it’s completely free!! There are a bunch of psychologists, psychiatrists and scientists who came together to create activities and games to help guide our minds elsewhere! It definitely has been very helpful to me and it also helps you to put things into perspective and rationalize. 



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