Home For The Holidays

Well, it’s safe to say this holiday was a great one, but as always, it has flown by ! 
I was fortunate enough to be able to spend most of last week with my family and friends. I always love being able to go home. As you all know I am very much a homebody! Christmas Eve we went to my grandmas and had dinner with the family and then carried on the tradition of watching National Lampoon Christmas vacation in the evening and then 24 hours of a Christmas Story . Before my sweet husband , my sister and I would cuddle up in my bed and watch the marathon all night until Christmas morning . It was so exciting , but being able to anticipate it with my husband is just as beautiful and wonderful. This was the first year I could hardly sleep because I was TOO excited to give everyone else their gifts . It felt great that Caleb and I were able to bless others this year. The gift of giving truly is a lot more enjoyable than receiving .  


I mean, look at this moment . Priceless . My dad surprised Caleb and gave him his first ever muzzleloader . Caleb was definitely caught off guard but thrilled to be receiving something so sentimental. You can just feel the emotion through the picture . 

After enjoying the morning with my dad and his family , I got ready and went to my aunts briefly to exchange gifts , where I got to visit my little love . 

That night , we went to spend the night with Calebs parents where we exchanged gifts there as well. 


  I think we had some pretty great facial expressions. What do you guys think? 
All in all , it was a very eventful, exhausting , blessed and exciting Christmas Holiday!  If you were wondering about my attire on Christmas Eve , here are a few of the details .

Shirt – buckle ( it was a gift) I usually wouldn’t even look at this store , as I personally think it’s overrated and overpriced . 

Skirt/ Charlotte Russe 

Nude heels- Forever21 ( they always have great deals on shoes )
What are some of your favorite Christmas traditions/ favorite moment this season ?
Merry Christmas! Xoxo


Fun in the Sun 🌞

Yesterday I let my lovely sister play around with my makeup. She did light shadow with falsies , cranberry lipstick, foundation and bronzer of course ! 

In the future, we will be doing a lot of before and after pictures and more in depth descriptions of how we achieve certain looks. We are looking to begin posting videos as well. 

I recommend these stretchy little skirts to all of you out there, especially black or really any funky color, they are so easy to either wear high waisted or at mid length. I have a ton of cropped tops and can mix the shirts with any of these and come up with some pretty/ funky cute outfits ! Super simple if you don’t have a lot of time to plan out an outfit. 

As for my hair, I did not use any shampoo while in the shower, the longer I go without washing my hair, the better it lays! I use a leave in conditioner and Garnier miracle oil, and it truly is a miracle! I believe I have a post from months back about this particular product ! It is the only product that I have ever found that keeps my hair from frizzing! 

Hope you enjoy and are looking forward to future posts/ videos. Comment below if this is something that you would like to see in the future! 


updo! No rubber bands needed!

better better2updo! No rubber bands needed!

Had the opportunity this past weekend to do hair for my dear friends photography business. They were doing a boudoir photoshoot! I had assumed most girls would want big bombshell curls, but one client wanted it all up with a lot of volume! This was a really fun hairstyle for me! I didn’t even use rubber bands! I actually had forgotten them, so I resorted to bobby pins! I simply curled all of her hair and really teased her crown, and then basically twisted the sides back and pin curled all of the back up! For a messier look, I pulled little hairs out around her face and ears! Super simple , easy and cute!



Before church services this Sunday Taylor went for more of a simple look. She shaped and filled her brows, and went for a dramatic cat eye to create a cute yet simplistic look. I filled and shaped my brows, did a cat eye, and added merlot lipstick by Mary Kay. It is one of my favorite lip colors! When I feel that I don’t do my makeup well, I always trust in my cat eye glasses to shield it, yet still make it somewhat cute! When in doubt, grab the cute glasses!!


This picture allows you to see more of how I do my cat eye, and how I shaped my eyebrows. As you can see, merlot definitely is my go to shade!

Feathered featured!

I cannot even begin to express how much of a pleasure it has been to work with the lovely Quinn Edgell in shooting for her vintage clothing collection line, feathered. All of her collected clothing is simply stunning. This girl truly knows fashion and has helped me tremendously in mixing and matching my own outfits. It is so fun to have a fellow forties fanatic. Being able to share tips and advice is always fun. Everyone needs to check out her account on etsy! She also has a wordpress –

Below are some listing shots of myself in her clothing on her etsy website!




You don’t want to miss out on what these gorgeous clothes have to offer!

Family & Fashion


Myself, daddio, & Taylor


My sister and I before her homecoming dance. I thought this was a good post for fashion. To give you a little bit of an idea of our evening looks. Of course, she was going to a dance so she is a tad more dressy, but my look was before going to dinner.

The 70’s white and black blouse I actually got off of ebay

The black lace skirt: Forever21

& the black lace tights are also from Forever21

Taylor’s peplum homecoming dress is from Charlotte Russe. One of my all time favorite stores! They have the absolute cutest clothing , and their prices are very reasonable!

Questions & comments are welcomed! (: