Last night was pretty magical. My husband, his family and I went to go and see the Nutcracker​. 

Living in the city has been quite an adjustment for me, it’s a very fast paced lifestyle compared to what I was used to as you could imagine. But I couldn’t help to think to myself last night ..driving through the city on the way to the show, how beautiful and how blessed we are to be in the position we are in. How I do hope to be back to my country roads in the near future, I know that God is just preparing us for His plan. He knows that I’ve always been very comfortable and a homebody and I just have to remember that this is His way of pushing me out of my comfort zone. Every time I get anxious, I just remind myself of that fact. It truly is a beautiful city and I was blessed to spend this time with them. 

 It was an absolutely beautiful show, and I had never been in the Benedum center so I was blown away by the beauty of the building. 

I was blessed enough to be able to wear a vintage dress that my husband purchased for me over two years ago. Check out Quinn Edgells vintage clothing line- FEATHERED. All of her items are absolutely beautiful and reasonably priced for the quality of what you are getting .  Having lived in West Virginia, there was just nowhere to wear such a beautiful and extravagant dress . 

But I would say last night was very fitting. Need to even mention how gorgeous my husband looked ?  I couldn’t quit staring at him all night.

Dress – 1960s vintage ivory sequin dress from feathered . Check them out on etsy! 
Glossy nude heels- forever21 

I really couldn’t justify spending money on getting my hair done with my background experience in cosmetology, so I thought why not wing it and try an updo myself! This hair-do you was very simple and easy, if you’re interested in a tutorial comment below.

Lough family ❤️


Five Hundred 

A huge thank you from Taylor and I for helping us reach 500 likes​ on our page ! We appreciate all the love and support that we have received from all of you over the years, encouraging us to continue to do what we are doing.  

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Fun in the Sun 🌞

Yesterday I let my lovely sister play around with my makeup. She did light shadow with falsies , cranberry lipstick, foundation and bronzer of course ! 

In the future, we will be doing a lot of before and after pictures and more in depth descriptions of how we achieve certain looks. We are looking to begin posting videos as well. 

I recommend these stretchy little skirts to all of you out there, especially black or really any funky color, they are so easy to either wear high waisted or at mid length. I have a ton of cropped tops and can mix the shirts with any of these and come up with some pretty/ funky cute outfits ! Super simple if you don’t have a lot of time to plan out an outfit. 

As for my hair, I did not use any shampoo while in the shower, the longer I go without washing my hair, the better it lays! I use a leave in conditioner and Garnier miracle oil, and it truly is a miracle! I believe I have a post from months back about this particular product ! It is the only product that I have ever found that keeps my hair from frizzing! 

Hope you enjoy and are looking forward to future posts/ videos. Comment below if this is something that you would like to see in the future! 


Bye Bye Dry Skin!


Okay so, I know it has been SO long since I’ve posted anything BUT I just had to write a review on this product!

I have been struggling with dry skin all of my life,and in only a matter of TWO days my dry skin has been non-existent ! I used to always have to exfoliate and then moisturize before every foundation application and at night, or I would just be so flaky! Not only has this amazing product kept me looking hydrated and healthy but it has also given my makeup a flawless finish/ “dewy look” if you will. (which I LOVE). A lot of people say the dewy look makes it just look like oily skin, but I beg to differ. If anything it gives girls a beautiful glow while also allowing them to look hydrated and refreshed!

I signed up to start receiving an ipsy bag which I believe is only $10 a month. You fill out a profile and your interests and skin type, and they send you generous samples of different brand products. I have a very nice collection of high end products and HAIR products as well. It is truly a great investment, and I didn’t have to pay a fortune paying for full sized products just to find this great cream! The sample sizes, I believe are very generous. I have made each product sent last for a few months! Definitely give this brand a look! I believe the average sized cream runs between $23-25 depending on which site you purchase it.

I’m telling you ladies, this cream is a miracle! Before, I would use a moisturizer and by the end of my work shift, my skin had already flaked up! With this moisturizer , I truly don’t even think I would have to apply it everyday if I didn’t wash my face at night! It’s wonderful! Hope this helped you all! If you have any questions or comments, comment below or email me 🙂


Harmful effects of toxins in our bodies


Today, I was reading over my Paige Hathaway fitness website and was really freaked out by this realization. Listed above is some of the things we use every single day and the harmful /longterm effects it has on our bodies. Not only does it have this effect but it also mentioned how overtime all of these built-up toxins can also restrain us from losing weight and achieving our “goal body”. Our body deposits toxins to our fat cells which have to expand to make room for toxins. This is why committing yourself to an entirely whole and organic lifestyle is extremely important. There are many alternatives that we can use that are more beneficial and extremely healthy for us if we just take the time to look into it! There are several organic ways to make shampoo and conditioner, even soaps. I believe that A holistic lifestyle is also extremely beneficial. I have been using doterra essential oils for the past few weeks and it has made a huge impact on my body and mood! It can also be used as a fragrance, opposed to the chemically enhanced fragrances that we’re buying from stores. This makes me very proud to say that I promote an organic skincare line and a mineral makeup line. Do yourself a favor and look into both. I know that I have mentioned many times before- both of what I sell, but for those of you who have not read before ..I promote eminence organic skincare and Jane Iredale mineral makeup! Both of these have amazing benefits in which I have actually witnessed in person! Do yourself a favor and look into both of the products because they are truly amazing! The secret to youthful skin is an organic lifestyle. The long-term benefits are well worth it! If you are interested in checking out the skincare and the products that we promote be sure to check out-

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The perfect Birthday gift !

Today I celebrated my birthday a day early , treating myself to some Eminence goodness !


Listed above is the Eminence Bright Skin Moisturizer , the facial recovery oil and Jane Iredale’s D2O hydrating spray .

All of these products are extremely dear to my heart because they are completely organic and all of Jane Iredale is mineral makeup , which is so amazing for your skin!

I will list a brief review on each of the products above .

– Eminence Bright Skin Moisturizer- completely organic , containing – whole fruits , vegetables and herbs . It is for people with dry / mature skin and contains a natural Hydroquinone Alternative to help brighten the skin, reduce appearance of dark spots and signs of aging . I’m telling you from experience that this product WORKS. Studies show that within two weeks – the skin shows up to 50% percent improvement ! It also makes my face feel extremely hydrated and fresh all day long !

The Eminence Facial Recovery Oil – is extremely beneficial for me because I have extremely dry skin . It is clinically proven to reduce fine lines , it is age – defying and you only need 2-3 drops to keep your skin looking flawless all day. Also great to use at night! This product balances oil production and is very calming

Jane Iredale D2O hydrating mist- is also awesome for those of you with dry skin, it is a MUST ! It hydrates , conditions and protects the skin but is also great for all skin types! The main reason I have it, however is to set the minerals from my Jane Iredale bb cream foundation, it conceals pores and fine lines and keeps my face looking bright and fresh all day!

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Before and After – bridal makeup practice!


Recently, I have had the pleasure of partnering with the lovely Alison Clem. She is the owner of the Riversong spa, and I am officially working with her! We are promoting mineral makeup such as Jane Iredale, and for  limited time, Glo Minerals. We are also promoting an organic skincare line called, Eminence . The first time I tried it , I was instantly hooked. We together, will be doing anything from spa treatments such as – facials and body wraps, to eyelash extensions.

However, the most exciting of all is – BRIDAL makeup! Pictured above is my cousin Genna, and she was kind enough to be the model for my trial run through learning how to airbrush! I will never go back! The finish was flawless . Amazing coverage but lightweight at the same time.. how can you beat that? This is not your typical bridal look but, Genna wanted deep colors for a more ‘ edgy ‘ look. She was in love, and that;s what is most important! Getting married or interested in makeup for a dance/ upcoming event? Contact information below

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