Biddles Escape

To start our morning off today, Taylor and I decided we needed a coffee fix, so we headed on down to our favorite local spot. The menu there is overwhelming because there are just so many awesome options to choose from. Not only are the drinks delightful but the atmosphere is incredible. When I walk in, I feel a sense of comfort and peace; super eclectic if you will. Taylor and I decided to skip out on coffee and go for a matcha (green tea) latte, which may I add was PHENOMENAL. I love matcha for it’s amazing health benefits. You should definitely look them up sometime.

As Taylor and I received our drinks , we decided to take them outside to the coffee shops deck. It was a beautiful overcast day. I know that may sound strange to some of you, but a lot of the time , these are the days that make me the happiest. I decided to dress casual and comfy. I wore a pair of worn out jeans, a Ramones tee with a black cropped jacket , a burgundy  scarf ( in which I made myself) and combat boots to throw it all together. I had a lot of girls asking me today what curling iron I used on my hair to achieve the look that I did. I used a 1 1/2 ceramic curling iron by Revlon.

The only products I use are TREsemme Thermal Creations as a heat protectant and garnier fructis marvelous oil. WHICH may I add is the ONLY oil that I have ever found to fully saturate and maintain / manage my frizz all day! I am very impressed with that product. My hair is fortunately naturally curly, so I don’t really have to worry about hairspray and IF I ever use anything I only use One N’ Only Argan Oil Volume hair spray- which is mainly a spray to help maintain frizz and protect your hair from the humidity. I am TOTALLY against hairspray otherwise. I don’t think people realize how damaging it is to their hair. All in all , it was another lovely day spent with my darling sister.



Christmas Eve, Holiday look!

Absolutely and totally in LOVE with this 1970’s Ivory sequined dress! This is the first time I have even tried it on and I am just obsessed!

The rhinestones and sequins are just the loveliest!

Interested in seeing more clothing like this? Check out Quinn Edgell’s vintage collection on etsy! That’s where I got this gem. So incredibly happy with it!






To complete this look I went for a simple cat eye, and more defined and arched brows. I didn’t want to take away from the dress so I did a simple wave to my hair, and thought merlot lipstick would be the perfect finishing touch! I am wearing nude colored tights, and vintage ivory and gold mini heels.

One Last thing!

Before I go to bed had to share–I just got an awesome message from the beautiful Coutney Rutter, sharing with me her before and after pictures after following our eyebrow pictorial! 🙂



Thank you SO much for sharing lovely! This just goes to show that practice makes perfect, and TRUST me overtime, it gets easier and they look better and better each time!(: Sometimes it takes a second to get use to, but if shaped correctly, beautiful! & Courtney Rutter deserves an applause! Gorgeous! 

All about the Brows!

In my opinion, well defined brows can completely change the look of your face!

Rules to the perfect brows

1. Define your arches!

I love eyebrows with an arch! I don’t naturally have them but they are easily achieved! Below I will post how I achieve mine and the product used!

2. Your eyebrows should end where your brow bone does!

3.  Shade them in!

– but be sure to find the right shade! A lot of times girls go wrong and shade with a color way too dark. Remember: Less is more.

4. For you OVER tweezers- STOP! If you must pluck, it is recommended that you only do so ONCE every three weeks! Let that natural shape come out! Well defined, thick brows are IN!

I always do the outlining of my eyebrows first and create my arch. Once I have done that I just shade them in !

The outcome:

browsThe best part about learning how to do this, is that I can achieve many different looks and play up any style I choose because every brow shape gives you a different look! So just have fun with it ladies! There are several tutorials online showing how to do this. If you would be interested in my sister and I making one, please leave comments below(:

Products used:

eyebrowsAmerican Beauty eye shadow palette : Light brown

Mac angle brush

Rimmel eyebrow pencil shade :CO2 Hazel

Any questions? Feel free to comment!:)