Yoga is always a good idea outside



Here are just some simple inversions that I have recently started to get the hang of. With yoga, balance is SO important, and I can say that today i shocked myself at how much better i’ve gotten at holding these poses and transitioning into others. Keep in mind that it does take awhile sometimes to do these inversions. Don’t be discouraged if you cannot get there quite yet. It took me awhile and lots of practice. The reason being, is because in yoga, you don’t want to just throw yourself up into a headstand/ handstand, because it’s all about building strength and balance. This is why sometimes it takes others a little longer to get it. It definitely did for me. I have also found that when the sun is bright and shining, and I do yoga outside, I am a lot braver and confident in what I am doing/ capable of doing. The sunshine that God blesses us with just fills me with joy, and therefore when it is nice out, I always take my yoga mat outside. I strongly recommend it! So get outside and go play! 🙂


It’s beginning to feel a lot like SPRING!



Taylor and I definitely don’t like to pass up capturing this gorgeous weather while incorporating some fashion of the day for you all 🙂

Sorry that it has been awhile. We have been working a lot outside of school with hair and make up and it has consumed us! Oh, and we’ve been playing in the lovely weather . Yoga outside is the best idea , EVER! Alone one on one time with God , meditating in his beautiful creation!

Here we have a couple of fun, spring, bohemian chic looks!

I bought my daisy pants outfit from wetseal!

Taylors paisley top is from Tj Maxx, leggings are from forever 21

and both pairs of shoes are from payless i do believe!

Interested in Taylors Lennon inspired glasses? EBAY!

I think that the boho/ hippie look is definitely very IN this year and this excites me SO much because it is what I have been getting in touch with my inner hippie self, so I am very pleased! not to mention, the hippie / boho style is all about COMFORT, and what is better than that? Especially when it starts to warm up, the outfits are breathable ! Hope you enjoy todays looks 🙂

Yoga time

Yoga time

Absolutely thrilled to say I have officially achieved the balance to maintain the crow pose! However, it may not be the best form, I need to change my gaze looking straight ahead! I continue to practice yoga everyday and it is incredible. Such a wonderful release. I highly encourage you all to practice! The benefits are truly wonderful! If I can do it, you can do it!

Why you should practice yoga

Why you should practice yoga

I have recently resorted to practicing yoga and meditating for about two weeks now, and this link I can say is absolutely 100% true. I am more relaxed, focused, and sleep so much better! I can wake up at 5:30 am and feel wide awake and well rested. For many of you that know me, it may seem to be a miracle. It has been such a wonderful blessing that I’ve been introduced to this practice. I highly recommend it to everyone! I had a bit of mild tension in my neck as well, and now it is completely gone! You’ll be amazed at the benefits yoga has to offer! A must read!

Bohemian princess hairstyle

Bohemian princess hairstyle

This past weekend was my sister Taylors Varsity Ball dance, and she looked so stunning in her bat sleeved black boho styled dress. I did a simple waved out look to match the style of her dress. I also added a cute 60’s look by adding a small braid and connecting the two in the back. Super easy, and super beautiful! This look was achieved by my favorite tool ever, the wand

updo! No rubber bands needed!

better better2updo! No rubber bands needed!

Had the opportunity this past weekend to do hair for my dear friends photography business. They were doing a boudoir photoshoot! I had assumed most girls would want big bombshell curls, but one client wanted it all up with a lot of volume! This was a really fun hairstyle for me! I didn’t even use rubber bands! I actually had forgotten them, so I resorted to bobby pins! I simply curled all of her hair and really teased her crown, and then basically twisted the sides back and pin curled all of the back up! For a messier look, I pulled little hairs out around her face and ears! Super simple , easy and cute!