Fall Days Strolling Through The City

So I am really looking forward to this week because my sister decided to come and stay with me. During the day while Caleb is at work, it has been really lonely, so I am excited to have someone to do things with. We decided since it was such a beautiful day that we would take a stroll through the city. I love checking out all the local shops ! We first stopped at a local pizzeria to get some pepperoni wraps, and Taylor got buffalo chicken rolls. They were AWESOME! We then decided to drop by for some coffee. My addiction varies between iced green tea lattes made with matcha or an iced caramel macchiato.

What I love about this city is that everything is pretty much within walking distance, and I love how many bike trails there are. There are almost just as many people riding their bikes from place to place as there are people driving! Okay… maybe that’s a bit of a stretch, but it’s still impressive. In Wv,, we really have it made when it comes to the convenience of getting in and out of the stores/ restaurants we love the most. In Pittsburgh, however, parking is nearly impossible and it probably is in your best interest to either walk, or ride a bike; but I can’t complain much because it encourages and promotes living a healthier lifestyle. So it is kind of a win win. All in all, it was a beautiful , eventful day.



Simple and easy ootd

This weekend I wore this outfit to work where I later was entertained by a good ole band called – Fox Hunt . I was struggling because I was scheduled to work all day and wanted something cute but simple . This outfit was just that.

Kimonos are lovely because there is such a variety out there – short, long, and color / pattern wise . They are great to throw on to really “spice up” a casual outfit . This kimono in particular is from Marshall’s . The tank top was from forever 21 , shorts from pacsun and black lace up boots from eBay. I’m all about comfort and simplicity is sometimes more , so I enjoy stocking up on cardigans / overthrows / kimonos etc..



Fashion of the day!


All of the clothing in this picture is from Forever21

The boots : Rue 21


Wolf tank and cardigan: Pacsun.

Leggings: Victoria’s Secret

Studded boots: Ebay

Have a blessed evening!


Simple, yet cute outfit ideas for the day!

All of the pictures below, are inexpensive and easy ways to layer clothes that you probably already have, to create an adorable, dressy/casual outfit! I am here to make your guys’ lives easier. To show you easy, inexpensive ways to create these adorable outfits! Even if the patterns/ colors aren’t the same, its the concept! Grab leggings , a scarf, and an over sized tee. Throw on some boots and out the door you go, but don’t forget your topknot! Scarves are always a necessary part of layering in the winter. It is always my go to. Even if you think ” Well I only have a band tee and jeans.” Add a scarf! It is simple things like that, that make an outfit go from boring to trendy! Give it a try, and see the difference it makes!




Simple, yet adorable!



LOVE these boots!



My favorite part about this, is the simplicity of the hairdo! I believe hair styles like this, or a top knot would look the best with any of these three outfits! Alright girls, not rummage through your closet and start layering! I know sometimes it seems overwhelming trying to put something cute together, but it is truly as simple as grabbing something similar to the above pics and just throwing it all together! Give it a go girls:) 

Would love to see pics of what you all came up with! 🙂


Outfit of the Day!

Outfit for this rainy/ overcast day!


Cheetah pants: Forever21

Black long sleeved shirt: Forever21

Fringed boots: Forever21

knit beanie: Ebay


Alternative way to be worn:


Replace the beanie with a fedora, and add clubmasters for more of a vintage/hipster feel!

Fashion for the day!

Outfit of the evening!

Before heading to church services<3



This look was achieved with:

Black long sleeved top: Forever21

Lace vest: Forever21

Black lace skirt: Wetseal

Black tights: Walmart

& brown lace up boots courtesy of mama lough:)

But the best place for similar boots would be forever21, Tj maxx, or Marshalls 🙂


Accessories :


Leaflet earrings, courtesy of my grandma Mayle<3


Hope you enjoyed the outfit of the day!

Questions or comments below(:

Feedback would be greatly appreciated!