Fall fashion 

This weekend, my sweet husband and I had the privilege of attending one of my dearest childhood friends wedding. 

Fall absolutely calls for the best fashion! I love that this season makes it acceptable to throw a bunch of layers together, there really are no rules for fall !
I also ended up chopping off of some of my hair ! I had to get all of the rest of the blonde out, the dead ends were just unmanageable! It was hard to part with, but I think I like this length a lot! My hair grows pretty fast, so I’m excited to start fresh! 

Pictured below 

Hat – forever21 

Dress – forever21

Shoes- yard sale 

Sweater vest – forever21 
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Warrior Teepee Party Editorial

This weekend, my lovely sister Taylor and I had the privilege of working with our dear friend, Beth Keener. She is an artist, designer and the best part is that she is an amazing woman of God. Her talent is incredible and I am so grateful to have been able to work with her to model one, of her many very own handmade clutches! Below are some of the shots of her new fall line of handmade clutches which will SOON be available on her website, you wont want to miss it!







Make up by: Taylor Trickett

Hair: Chanliza Marie

Models: Myself, my sister Taylor and Alexis Eddy

Designer: Beth Keener

Dress Designer: Eva Meenhorst

Photographer: Danny Snyder

My miley cyrus twin transformation!

Below is from about a week ago. My cousin Genna took a brave step and went for this edgy, very chic cut /look. I had so much fun doing this ! Her hair was very over processed so we had to take a lot off anyways and this cut was just so fitting for her ! We weren’t able to color it all because her hair needed a few weeks to repair and be nourished with deep conditioning treatments, but we decided since we couldn’t color it all over , that we would give her a fun cheetah print patch were her undercut was ! This of course, wasn’t damaging at all because it was new fresh hair .




So considering on most social networks it is popular to post a ” throwback picture” My throwback goes to this photo of myself with lavender hair! This was such a fun look and yes, it appears drastic, but wasn’t permanent. What was the trick? Hair pieces! I had a quite a few strands that were lavender but I am a huge fan of hair pieces. I am a future cosmetologist, what do people expect? (;

I highly suggest hair pieces, if you’re interested in a color but don’t want to completely fry your hair! I know for a fact, if I had actually dyed my whole head lavender that my hair would’ve either felt like hay, or fallen out. There it is, now you know my secret:)




Who inspires us, you ask?

The beautiful women listed below are the women who Taylor and I have always admired and followed through the years. Yes, they are all from the 40’s, but I think we can all agree that those were the classiest ladies in history. With all of their elegance, poise, classy fashion sense, and natural beauty, what’s not to love?


First of all, how incredibly beautiful is she? She is one of my very favorites.Her performance in Mildred Pierce is what drew me to her instantly.


Oh miss Rita Hayworth. Everytime I see a picture of her I get so happy. In almost every film, she is so joyous and chipper. What’s not to love about this fiery redhead?



Good ole Bette Davis. Boy oh boy is she a classic. Whatever happened to baby Jane, is one of Taylor and I’s favorite films!

Apparently, when first auditioning for films, they told her that she didn’t have the sex appeal that she needed and she had an odd appearance. What happened after that? She never gave up, and when looked back on now, was one of the most famous, iconic actresses of the 40’s! In every film, I am drawn to her for her sarcastic humor and whit. I love her because she always maintained being herself and incorporated her personality regardless of her role.


Who could possibly mention Bette Davis without following up with her rival/ enemy Joan Crawford?

Their rivalry was obvious back in the days, but without getting into any of that. Bette and Joan both were  applauded by their performance in Whatever happened to baby Jane. The fact the the two women had to play enemies in the movie came so naturally to them . I guess you could say they didn’t really have to act. Joan was an incredible actress as well.


ahh, Taylors favorite, Lauren Bacall. Not only is she stunning, and an incredible actress, a lot of her movies were filmed with her (then) husband, Humphrey Bogart. Whom is also the love of Taylos life! lol Super classy woman!

Last but not least you may ask?

but of coarse!

You guessed it.




Audrey Hepburn! The classic beauty! Her elegance, selflessness, and class; Not to mention, she got more beautiful with age! This woman tops the charts on our list of inspiration. She was always cheerful, extremely clever, and funny. The entire package, indeed!

With inspiring , uplifting quotes such as:


We could learn a lot from this timeless beauty!

Well, there you have it! Taylor and I’s list of inspiration. These ladies are the women who gave us our sense of fashion and taught us what we know . Comments are welcomed (: