Biddles Escape

To start our morning off today, Taylor and I decided we needed a coffee fix, so we headed on down to our favorite local spot. The menu there is overwhelming because there are just so many awesome options to choose from. Not only are the drinks delightful but the atmosphere is incredible. When I walk in, I feel a sense of comfort and peace; super eclectic if you will. Taylor and I decided to skip out on coffee and go for a matcha (green tea) latte, which may I add was PHENOMENAL. I love matcha for it’s amazing health benefits. You should definitely look them up sometime.

As Taylor and I received our drinks , we decided to take them outside to the coffee shops deck. It was a beautiful overcast day. I know that may sound strange to some of you, but a lot of the time , these are the days that make me the happiest. I decided to dress casual and comfy. I wore a pair of worn out jeans, a Ramones tee with a black cropped jacket , a burgundy  scarf ( in which I made myself) and combat boots to throw it all together. I had a lot of girls asking me today what curling iron I used on my hair to achieve the look that I did. I used a 1 1/2 ceramic curling iron by Revlon.

The only products I use are TREsemme Thermal Creations as a heat protectant and garnier fructis marvelous oil. WHICH may I add is the ONLY oil that I have ever found to fully saturate and maintain / manage my frizz all day! I am very impressed with that product. My hair is fortunately naturally curly, so I don’t really have to worry about hairspray and IF I ever use anything I only use One N’ Only Argan Oil Volume hair spray- which is mainly a spray to help maintain frizz and protect your hair from the humidity. I am TOTALLY against hairspray otherwise. I don’t think people realize how damaging it is to their hair. All in all , it was another lovely day spent with my darling sister.



My morning


Sharing with you my home to yours! Perfect morning with my loved ones enjoying the beautiful Christmas decorations, a delightful cup of coffee and who could go wrong with the beautiful , classic, miss Rita Hayworth ! Have a blessed day all! Xoxo

Erika’s Christmas Wish List!

My must have’s for this year!



Viva La Juicy perfume is my absolutely FAVORITE fragrance! The smell is heavenly and it never wears off!




Kat Von D tattoo concealer! It is the most amazing concealer, and hides absolutely ANY discoloration/imperfection.




Michael Khors watch! I think the rose gold is just stunning!




Michael Khors bag! Super gorgeous!




Oribe dry texturizing spray! It’s an incredible dry hairspray, almost like a dry shampoo! It doesn’t leave a gross film on your hair and leaves it smelling absolutely incredible! Almost like a dry shampoo!





These vintage cat eye glasses are just stunning to me! LOVE!





Oxford heels! My favorite style heel!




Last but not least, an espresso maker! It would be so nice to make a latte at home!