Beach fashion


Hello lovelies !
Sorry for the lack of posting recently ; between school , work and my recent fitness journey , I haven’t dedicated much time to my blog ! Hoping to meet my posting goals per week !

Pictured above is myself this past week at myrtle beach! Before beach shopping, I mainly went to two places -Forever 21 and Charlotte Russe. Between the two stores , you cannot beat that style , especially with the amazingly affordable prices !

This skirt was so sheer and perfect to keep me nice and cool in that insane heat; the creamy lace cropped top was also very light material , both articles of clothing very perfect for extreme temperatures !

The beach was a blessing to say the least. I am very grateful to be back home and continue on the path and journey that God has for my life ! I’ve missed you all! Xoxo


Today’s hair transformation !

The top left picture is the before, and after – lots and lots of blonde ! I’m telling you , blonde is IN, especially for the upcoming season. Such a sun kissed / natural look. She was in love and I can’t think of another job that would give me more satisfaction. When people tear up or I turn them in their chair and they’re smiling from ear to ear , I know they’re happy and I feel it could be and definitely is my ministry . So grateful to be apart of making people feel beautiful!


Bohemian princess hairstyle

Bohemian princess hairstyle

This past weekend was my sister Taylors Varsity Ball dance, and she looked so stunning in her bat sleeved black boho styled dress. I did a simple waved out look to match the style of her dress. I also added a cute 60’s look by adding a small braid and connecting the two in the back. Super easy, and super beautiful! This look was achieved by my favorite tool ever, the wand

Makeup by Taylor

Makeup by Taylor

Taylor doing the lovely “Brooke Shields” lookalike! I waved her hair out with a wand, and then basically brushed through and pulled apart the curls, and Taylor went for a dramatic smokey/cat eye and filled in her brows. Her lips were such a perfect shape, we added a bit of lip liner to make them even fuller, and bam! She was such a natural beauty!



The other day, I had the pleasure of doing this lovely ladies hair! I loved working on it , she had never had any color done before. Went from a medium brown, so almost blonde! Love heavy foils! Perfectly highlights her face and even more perfect for a fresh spring look!

Makeup looks!

Makeup looks!

Throwback to a few days ago, Taylor and I decided to go for some dark, Merlot lips by Marykay. She wears the cat eye well, as I went for just a few strokes of mascara. This is one of my favorite looks. I believe this shade of lipstick compliments pale skin well. I will be posting tips and tricks so you can find what shade will fit you best! It’s important to wear lipstick with confidence. Something about a girl with lipstick can be intimidating. I remember once at school, I overheard a girl telling a guy- ” I love her lipstick.” and him replying- “I won’t approach a woman wearing lipstick. I am intimidated, cus I know she means business.” So wear it with confidence ladies!



So considering on most social networks it is popular to post a ” throwback picture” My throwback goes to this photo of myself with lavender hair! This was such a fun look and yes, it appears drastic, but wasn’t permanent. What was the trick? Hair pieces! I had a quite a few strands that were lavender but I am a huge fan of hair pieces. I am a future cosmetologist, what do people expect? (;

I highly suggest hair pieces, if you’re interested in a color but don’t want to completely fry your hair! I know for a fact, if I had actually dyed my whole head lavender that my hair would’ve either felt like hay, or fallen out. There it is, now you know my secret:)