Today’s hair transformation !

The top left picture is the before, and after – lots and lots of blonde ! I’m telling you , blonde is IN, especially for the upcoming season. Such a sun kissed / natural look. She was in love and I can’t think of another job that would give me more satisfaction. When people tear up or I turn them in their chair and they’re smiling from ear to ear , I know they’re happy and I feel it could be and definitely is my ministry . So grateful to be apart of making people feel beautiful!



Hair transformation !

Below is a before and after picture of my fellow classmate Kaliegh. She was ready for a new look and I though blonde highlights were a perfect idea with summer soon to be approaching ! I just love the brightness and glow that blonde hair brings! It definitely made her complexion shine more and brightened her face. I absolutely recommend some highlights, even if a few for spring or summer . It just gives you that perfect “glow”.



updo! No rubber bands needed!

better better2updo! No rubber bands needed!

Had the opportunity this past weekend to do hair for my dear friends photography business. They were doing a boudoir photoshoot! I had assumed most girls would want big bombshell curls, but one client wanted it all up with a lot of volume! This was a really fun hairstyle for me! I didn’t even use rubber bands! I actually had forgotten them, so I resorted to bobby pins! I simply curled all of her hair and really teased her crown, and then basically twisted the sides back and pin curled all of the back up! For a messier look, I pulled little hairs out around her face and ears! Super simple , easy and cute!

Hair. hair.hair


The other day, I had the pleasure of doing this lovely ladies hair! I loved working on it , she had never had any color done before. Went from a medium brown, so almost blonde! Love heavy foils! Perfectly highlights her face and even more perfect for a fresh spring look!

Today’s look!


Today I decided that natural was the best route to take! I let my natural hair go and went for the natural make up look! It’s much easier, that’s for sure. Every once in awhile us girls need a break from getting fancied up all the time !

To achieve my curls I simply wash my hair, then leave it in a towel for about 5 minutes. When I take it out of the towel I do not brush it. I simply part it in the direction I want it to lay and apply my product. I’ve come to find that my hair looks super frizzy if I brush it out and then apply product. I use a sleek and shine conditioner from Walmart that I believe is only like $1.25 , and some argon oil . I put a generous amount of conditioner on my hair but I don’t run it through the strands I simply just apply to the ends and roots and then lather it on by scrunching .

As far as my make up, I simply touched up my brows , and applied a tad of concealer and moisturizer . Sometimes I find I feel more confident when I embrace my natural look. I don’t feel that it takes much effort therefore I don’t feel like I’m worrying about anyone’s opinion other than my own, and sometimes that’s relieving 🙂 hope you all have had a blessed day!

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How to : Victory Roll!

If you’re like me and love this vintage, 40’s, classic look, then just follow these simple step by step pictures, to ensure the best result!

Remember, practice makes perfect! This pictorial by Jane Aldridge always helped me:)


My results


Fashion for the day!

Outfit of the evening!

Before heading to church services<3



This look was achieved with:

Black long sleeved top: Forever21

Lace vest: Forever21

Black lace skirt: Wetseal

Black tights: Walmart

& brown lace up boots courtesy of mama lough:)

But the best place for similar boots would be forever21, Tj maxx, or Marshalls 🙂


Accessories :


Leaflet earrings, courtesy of my grandma Mayle<3


Hope you enjoyed the outfit of the day!

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