Today’s hair transformation !

The top left picture is the before, and after – lots and lots of blonde ! I’m telling you , blonde is IN, especially for the upcoming season. Such a sun kissed / natural look. She was in love and I can’t think of another job that would give me more satisfaction. When people tear up or I turn them in their chair and they’re smiling from ear to ear , I know they’re happy and I feel it could be and definitely is my ministry . So grateful to be apart of making people feel beautiful!



Hair transformation !

Below is a before and after picture of my fellow classmate Kaliegh. She was ready for a new look and I though blonde highlights were a perfect idea with summer soon to be approaching ! I just love the brightness and glow that blonde hair brings! It definitely made her complexion shine more and brightened her face. I absolutely recommend some highlights, even if a few for spring or summer . It just gives you that perfect “glow”.





The other day, I had the pleasure of doing this lovely ladies hair! I loved working on it , she had never had any color done before. Went from a medium brown, so almost blonde! Love heavy foils! Perfectly highlights her face and even more perfect for a fresh spring look!



So considering on most social networks it is popular to post a ” throwback picture” My throwback goes to this photo of myself with lavender hair! This was such a fun look and yes, it appears drastic, but wasn’t permanent. What was the trick? Hair pieces! I had a quite a few strands that were lavender but I am a huge fan of hair pieces. I am a future cosmetologist, what do people expect? (;

I highly suggest hair pieces, if you’re interested in a color but don’t want to completely fry your hair! I know for a fact, if I had actually dyed my whole head lavender that my hair would’ve either felt like hay, or fallen out. There it is, now you know my secret:)




Before and after brows and make up!!

Today I had the pleasure of doing my lovely aunt Gina’s makeup!

It was so fun filling in her brows!

Before and after brows


& after I finished-


Armenian princess!

Comments are welcomed (:


Before & after !

Over the weekend, my sister and I had the pleasure of doing miss Joanna kirks hair and make up for an event !

Her before


And after


Joanna is naturally beautiful so we didn’t want to do anything too drastic! Just a simple cat eye and false lashes !
A touch of foundation , blush and mascara are all we used to achieve this look! We also filled in her brows a bit more to really show her naturally perfect arches !

Her hair



Just received a new picture from the beautiful Anna Raprager ,of her transformation after watching our eyebrow tutorial! Absolutely LOVE! Thank you for sharing doll face! 🙂