Last night was pretty magical. My husband, his family and I went to go and see the Nutcracker​. 

Living in the city has been quite an adjustment for me, it’s a very fast paced lifestyle compared to what I was used to as you could imagine. But I couldn’t help to think to myself last night ..driving through the city on the way to the show, how beautiful and how blessed we are to be in the position we are in. How I do hope to be back to my country roads in the near future, I know that God is just preparing us for His plan. He knows that I’ve always been very comfortable and a homebody and I just have to remember that this is His way of pushing me out of my comfort zone. Every time I get anxious, I just remind myself of that fact. It truly is a beautiful city and I was blessed to spend this time with them. 

 It was an absolutely beautiful show, and I had never been in the Benedum center so I was blown away by the beauty of the building. 

I was blessed enough to be able to wear a vintage dress that my husband purchased for me over two years ago. Check out Quinn Edgells vintage clothing line- FEATHERED. All of her items are absolutely beautiful and reasonably priced for the quality of what you are getting .  Having lived in West Virginia, there was just nowhere to wear such a beautiful and extravagant dress . 

But I would say last night was very fitting. Need to even mention how gorgeous my husband looked ?  I couldn’t quit staring at him all night.

Dress – 1960s vintage ivory sequin dress from feathered . Check them out on etsy! 
Glossy nude heels- forever21 

I really couldn’t justify spending money on getting my hair done with my background experience in cosmetology, so I thought why not wing it and try an updo myself! This hair-do you was very simple and easy, if you’re interested in a tutorial comment below.

Lough family ❤️


Today’s fashion



My entire outfit is from forever21
Nude tights from Walmart and vintage shoes from Caleb’s mother 🙂


Taylor’s entire outfit is from Charlotte Russe. ! As you can see we are huge fans of the two places! Lol



Today’s look!


Today I decided that natural was the best route to take! I let my natural hair go and went for the natural make up look! It’s much easier, that’s for sure. Every once in awhile us girls need a break from getting fancied up all the time !

To achieve my curls I simply wash my hair, then leave it in a towel for about 5 minutes. When I take it out of the towel I do not brush it. I simply part it in the direction I want it to lay and apply my product. I’ve come to find that my hair looks super frizzy if I brush it out and then apply product. I use a sleek and shine conditioner from Walmart that I believe is only like $1.25 , and some argon oil . I put a generous amount of conditioner on my hair but I don’t run it through the strands I simply just apply to the ends and roots and then lather it on by scrunching .

As far as my make up, I simply touched up my brows , and applied a tad of concealer and moisturizer . Sometimes I find I feel more confident when I embrace my natural look. I don’t feel that it takes much effort therefore I don’t feel like I’m worrying about anyone’s opinion other than my own, and sometimes that’s relieving 🙂 hope you all have had a blessed day!

Comments are welcomed (:

Simple, yet cute outfit ideas for the day!

All of the pictures below, are inexpensive and easy ways to layer clothes that you probably already have, to create an adorable, dressy/casual outfit! I am here to make your guys’ lives easier. To show you easy, inexpensive ways to create these adorable outfits! Even if the patterns/ colors aren’t the same, its the concept! Grab leggings , a scarf, and an over sized tee. Throw on some boots and out the door you go, but don’t forget your topknot! Scarves are always a necessary part of layering in the winter. It is always my go to. Even if you think ” Well I only have a band tee and jeans.” Add a scarf! It is simple things like that, that make an outfit go from boring to trendy! Give it a try, and see the difference it makes!




Simple, yet adorable!



LOVE these boots!



My favorite part about this, is the simplicity of the hairdo! I believe hair styles like this, or a top knot would look the best with any of these three outfits! Alright girls, not rummage through your closet and start layering! I know sometimes it seems overwhelming trying to put something cute together, but it is truly as simple as grabbing something similar to the above pics and just throwing it all together! Give it a go girls:) 

Would love to see pics of what you all came up with! 🙂


Smokey eye tutorial!


To start I am using :




Step 1:

Use any of the three light colors






Step 2:

pat color on eyelid and brow bone




Step #3

use the two light brown colors I’m pointing to on the palette. Using an angle eye shadow brush, apply on the crease of your eyelid.






Step #4 

apply darker brown to the outer crease of your eyelid.







Step # 5

apply black liquid eyeliner & add a cat eye to give it a more dramatic look! Isn’t that what a smokey eye is all about anyways? (;




Step # 6

You can never go wrong with false lashes!




Step # 7

Add mascara after the lashes dry!




Step #8

Then take black eye shadow and apply it under your eyes for a more smokey effect!





Step # 9

Then add another coat on your top and bottom lashes, and BAM!

Smokey eye for a night on the town<3




Questions or comments are welcome below (:

Get dolled up gorgeous!

Outfit of the Day!

Outfit for this rainy/ overcast day!


Cheetah pants: Forever21

Black long sleeved shirt: Forever21

Fringed boots: Forever21

knit beanie: Ebay


Alternative way to be worn:


Replace the beanie with a fedora, and add clubmasters for more of a vintage/hipster feel!